Wall mounted air conditioners

Wall mounted air conditioners

The wall mounted air conditioner is the most compact and commonly installed type of air conditioner.  Being produced in higher quantities than the other types of air conditioner, their cost is also lower.

Discharging conditioned air from their lower front edge, the wall mounted air conditioner is designed to be mounted at high level within a room.  This positioning provides a good distribution of conditioned air throughout the room, and with heat rising, they continually draw in and cool the warmest air within the room, increasing their effectiveness further.

To minimise the visual impact of this high level positioning, the wall mounted air conditioner has generally adopted a subtle design, being white in appearance with clean lines and smooth front panel.

In the past, all of the mainstream equipment manufacturers have followed this same subtle styling trend, until LG broke the mold with their Artcool range of air conditioners.

Whilst LG are relatively new to the UK's air conditioning marketplace, their styling innovation has surpassed all of their competitors.  LG's Artcool range offers wall mounted air conditioners with mirror, silver or deep metalic blue front panels, along with their Artcool Gallery - the first air conditioner capable of housing your favourite photo or painting.


More details of LG's Artcool range can be found here.

Manufacturers such as Samsung and Hitachi have also followed by offering wall mounted air conditioners with a more comtemporary styling, providing the homeowner with an excellent choice of air conditioners to compliment the decor within the home.


wall mounted air conditioners - advantages

  • Cost

  • Compact size

  • Positioning ensures good air distribution

  • Wide choice of finishes


wall mounted air conditioners - disadvantages

  • High level positioning is not as discrete

  • Once installed, the air conditioner becomes a fixture which any future room re-design or re-decoration then needs to be based around.


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