Flexi / universal air conditioners

Flexi / Universal air conditioners

As its name suggests, the flexi / universal air conditioner is flexible in the way that it can be installed. Discharging air from a horizontal louver at the top, it can either be mounted on a wall at low level, or be suspended horizontally below a ceiling.

At only 490mm high, this air conditioner is a popular choice for conservatories. as it fits nicely on dwarf walls.

All of the mainstream equipment manufacturers offer units of this style, which are refered to as their flexi, universal or convertible type unit, depending on the brand chosen.

These air conditioners are generally white in appearance with clean modern lines and a smooth front panel. As they can be mounted on a wall at low level, the visual impact of their presence can be greatly reduced.


flexi / universal air conditioners - advantages

  • Cost

  • Flexible installation options

  • Will fit on a dwarf wall within a conservatory

  • Ceiling-suspended installation option provides an excellent air distribution in larger rooms


flexi / universal air conditioners - disadvantages

  • Wider than the wall mounted or floor standing units of the same capacity

  • Once installed, the air conditioner becomes a fixture which any future room re-design or re-decoration then needs to be based around.


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