Daikin Altherma - Home heating and cooling solution

Daikin Altherma

The Daikin Altherma air source heat pump system utilises energy-efficient heat pump technology and represents a flexible and cost effective alternative to a fossil fuel boiler, in addition to providing a cooling option.

Altherma is a split system comprising of an external heat pump unit and an indoor wall hung hot water heat-exchanger that can be connected to any standard low temperature radiators, towel rails or underfloor heating systems.

daikin altherma - the system at a glance

Daikin Altherma - typical configuration


daikin altherma - system components

Altherma outdoor unit

outdoor unit

The outdoor unit extracts free low temperature heat from the surrounding air and increases its temperature. Upgraded heat is then transmitted via the refrigerant pipework to the indoor heat-exchanger (hydro-box).

Altherma hydro-box

indoor hydro-box

The hydro-box transfers the heat from the refrigerant to the water being circulated through the radiators, under floor heating system and sanitary hot water tank.

Altherma sanitary hot water tank

sanitary hot water tank (optional)

A purpose built stainless steel water tank, is able to meet the sanitary hot water requirements. The combination of an electric boost heater in the upper part of the tank and a heat pump heat exchanger in the lower part ensures the lowest possible energy consumption with rapid water heating.

Altherma system controls

system controls

System controls are contained within the hydro-box and feature a weekly timer that enables the indoor temperature to be controlled according to the user's requirements. The timer is programmable on an hourly or daily basis so that temperatures can be reduced at night or during holidays.

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