Conservatory Air Conditioning

Conservatory Air Conditioning

Whilst a conservatory makes a great addition to any home, they can become incredibly warm during the summer months and be difficult to keep warm during the winter.

Furthermore, a conservatory can act like a collector of heat, which then disipates further into other rooms within the house, that would otherwise remain relatively cool.

Whilst the solar heat gains within a South or West facing conservatory must not be under-estimated, there remain a number of discrete and successful air conditoning solutions that will allow you to enjoy a constant level of comfort throughout the entire year.

Here are the types of air conditioners that we commonly install into conservatories:.

Easy-fit Air Conditioner

easy fit air conditioners

Fast and easy to fit, the easy-fit air conditioner can be mounted at either high or low level on any external wall.

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Home Air Conditioning

wall mounted air conditioners

Affordable and effective, the wall-mounted type air conditioner can be mounted at high level on the rear wall of the house, or on any other full-height walls within your conservatory.

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Home Air Conditioning

flexi / universal air conditioners

A popular choice for conservatories. At only 490mm high, this top-discharge air conditioner is ideal for mounting on any of the low-level walls within your conservatory.

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Home Air Conditioning

floor standing air conditioners

Despite being taller than the flexi-type air conditioner at 600mm high, the floor-standing type air conditioner is often still able to fit on a low-level wall, and can be recessed into the wall for an ultra-slim appearance.

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Reduced VAT on home air conditioning

Reduced VAT on home air conditioning

Home air conditioning now qualifies for the low Vat rate of just 5%.

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