Home air conditioning

Home Air Conditioning

Home air conditioning is now firmly on the 'Wish List' of many homeowners and property developers in the UK.  Our climate is undoubtedly becoming warmer each year, and most of us have quickly become accustomed to the comfort of our air conditioned cars and places of work.

This desire for comfort is naturally extending to the home, creating a new and exciting market, which though our passion for customer care and attention to detail in our work we've found ourselves ideally positioned to service.

A healthy choice of home air conditioning equipment is now available in the UK, from 'designer' wall-mounted systems for a single room, through to bespoke, 'whole house' ducted air conditioning systems that can be discretely concealed.

Most people instinctively associate the term 'air conditioning' with cooling, however today's home air conditioning systems also heat through the use of highly efficient heat-pump technology, and provide an effective level of air filtration. In turn, bedrooms, conservatories and loft conversions that are typically too hot in the summer and difficult to keep warm in the winter, can be enjoyed at a constant level of comfort throughout the entire year.

We have been installing home air conditioning systems since 1994. Our expertise in this field has resulted in a unrivalled understanding of the precise requirements of this market, from initial design considerations, through to our friendly after-sales care.

Home Air Conditioning

home air conditioners

With a huge range of home air conditioners available today, it's so easy to make a costly mistake. Find out about the various types of systems on the market, and learn which will work best for you.

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Conservatory Air Conditioning

conservatory air conditioning

Whilst a conservatory makes a great addition to any home, they can become incredibly warm during the summer months and be difficult to keep warm during the winter.

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Air Source Heat Pumps

air source heat pumps

Air source heat pumps extract free heat from a totally renewable source - the air outside!  This free heat can be used to heat rooms within the home or your domestic hot water.

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Home Ventilation

home ventilation

Modern homes are thermally efficient, but consequently receive little ventilation.  Our heat-recovery home ventilation systems provide fresh, efficiently heated air to freshen up your home.

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Home air conditioning brochures

The latest home air conditioning brochures freely available to download here.

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Reduced VAT on home air conditioning

Reduced VAT on home air conditioning

Home air conditioning now qualifies for the low Vat rate of just 5%.

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The air conditioner that everyone's talking about

Artcool air conditioners from LG

LG Electronics break the mold with their range of Artcool air conditioners.

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